Supporting women through pregnancy, birth and after

A doula is a woman who is trained to assist another woman during childbirth and who may provide support to the family after the baby is born.

A doula will council you before your birth on topics such as nutrition, optimal fetal positioning, pain management, and what to expect during your birth. Your doula will aid you in the immediate post partum period with things such as getting comfortably settled in with your new baby.As your doula, I am also able to help you get started with breastfeeding.

Together, we can create your birth plan detailing your wishes and requests.  I will help you find your voice, enabling you to advocate for yourself in the hospital. Sometimes risky or unnecessary interventions can be avoided if a knowledgeable person asks the right questions.

There are many benefits to hiring a doula, among which are:

*fewer complications

*reduced csection rates

*fewer interventions such as pitocin, and epidurals.

Doulas help fathers too! A father may become anxious as he watches his wife go through the waves of labor,  feeling he is without tools to "fix" it, or struggling to find his place in the process. Your doula brings experience and a sense of calm that allows fathers to relax and focus their attention to loving and supporting the laboring mother while feeling loved and supported, himself.

Doulas help siblings. Some families choose to have their other children present at their birth. This is a beautiful thing! Every so often, however,  it can feel a little overwhelming for them. I can help your other little ones know what to expect as they meet their new baby!

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Birth Doula

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