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Jennifer says:

I was blessed to have Nicole with Hilltop Birth & Herbals follow me through my (4th) pregnancy and to have her there for the birth of our Easter baby!

I can't say enough about Nicole - she was always there for my husband and I. Super flexible and understanding. She calmed our nerves when we had a million questions throughout the pregnancy since it was to be our first homebirth. From the big questions to the silly little worries, she was there.
When it came to the birth - wow! I mean, as I said, I can't say enough. She gave me so much confidence. Helped me to trust and listen to my body. She had a calm and reassuring way and we had an amazing birth - my best one yet!

Thank you Nicole! I don't know what I'd do without you and I'm eternally grateful to you! I keep reliving that birth experience and it ALWAYS brings a smile to my face! Thank you!!
Happy catching more beautiful babies!"

April 2020

Anna says:

Nicole did my prenatal care and attended my birth in December She was everything I needed her to be. Respectful,  Knowledgeable, and Comforting. I am very particular about who I allow in my birth space, and Nicole was just perfect. I felt supported and confident during my labor and postpartum. She was so instinctual with everything. She knew when to step in, and when to step back. I Highly recommend her. 

Nov 2019

Audrey says: 

From the moment I found out I was pregnant with my first baby, a homebirth was something I wanted to do. For some reason, I never was confident enough to make the leap from the "comforts" of the hospital setting to being at home, but when I found myself 37 weeks pregnant with baby #4 during the height of the covid pandemic, I was more than ready to do what had always been in the back of my mind with each previous pregnancy. In a bit of a panic and feeling worried I was too close to my due date to be so drastically changing my birth plan, I was referred to Nicole by a friend. Even during my first phone conversation with Nicole as a desperate pandemic prego, I felt at peace with the decision to have her as our midwife for a homebirth. We met right away and Nicole listened intently as I told each of my previous birth stories and explained my current thoughts and feelings. Nicole was so easy to talk to and I instantly felt confident that we were making the right choice. Through my last few weeks of pregnancy, Nicole was gentle, encouraging, informative, followed my lead, and yet steered me when I needed it. When the day came, I had no idea my daughter would arrive so quickly but Nicole listened to my cues and knew exactly when to make the moves necessary as the birth progressed. Being in my home to deliver my daughter with my husband and Nicole at my side was the most comfortable, beautiful, and peaceful delivery of my 4. I am still in awe. The care my daughter and I received from Nicole afterward was thoughtful and deliberate to ensure our health and comfort. I also enjoyed her healing herbal sitz bath, after pain tincture, and herbal diaper cream. Not only is Nicole a wealth of knowledge in natural herbal remedies helpful for birth and beyond, but she is a well qualified midwife able to foster a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere for the birth of your baby. I highly recommend Nicole as the midwife to assist your homebirth."  April 2020

Tara says : 

I met Nicole over a year ago when I would buy her famous Elderberry Syrup!! When I found out I was pregnant with my 6th child my OB wasn't delivering babies anymore and I knew this was my chance to take an all natural approach so I confided in Nicole on birth options. We chose to have her as our midwife for a home birth. It was the most amazing experience ever. I had a few concerns with my pregnancy since I was in my late 30s. She was there through my whole pregnancy answering all the questions I had and helped me keep an all natural approach with my sugar levels because they were a little elevated once and a while.

My family was very skeptical on me having the baby at home but once it was all done and over with my husband couldn't stop talking about how amazing Nicole was and how relaxed and quick my birth went. He wishes we would have had her around for our last 2 kids before this one! I would highly recommend having Nicole as a midwife ! She goes above and beyond to help you achieve the best birth experience. I can definitely say she did that for us. We can't stop talking about it and I'm so thankful we chose her for our last birth. July 2020

 Amanda says: 

I have a very high opinion as Nicole as a midwife because she is the type of person that never stops learning and improving. She always leaves herself open for growth and new experiences and meeting your individual needs. She deeply and fully understands how sacred birth and a mother’s first moments with her baby are and does her best to protect those moments from unnecessary interference. Nicole is skilled at delicately balancing a level of nurturing and care that never takes away from empowering you and I highly recommend her because that’s what the home birth experience is all about. I have always felt safe under her care because I have seen that she does not take things lightly and listens very carefully to not just to your concerns, but also to your own intuition. I’ve always felt heard and respected, and like I never had to worry because Nicole is far from a frivolous person when it comes to the safety of you and your baby. The fact that she’s also an herbalist was a huge bonus for me! Her herbal remedies helped me significantly through my pregnancy, particularly when I got sick and my experiences with her inspired a lifelong interest in integrating herbs and tinctures into my life. All in all I can’t say that I have a single complaint of my experience with Nicole and truly felt like she went above and beyond in every aspect that she possibly could have. July 2020

image credit : Renee Dee Photography

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