About me

Nicole Laudenslager  Doula
My Story

I am a mother of 6.  I've had natural hospital births, induced births, induced with no epidural.. even an emergency csection. I've had just about every type of birth experience a person can have!

But it was after my home water birth in 2010, that I became passionate about birth, breastfeeding, and birth advocacy, 

I've come to know the community and support of other wise women who've gone before me.  We were not meant to birth and mother alone! Unfortunately, this is where we're at in the Western world. I want to try and help bridge that very important gap for the mothers of my community.

I studied the Midwives Assistant program through the Midwives Alliance of PA in 2015.

I received Neonatal Resuscitation training (NRP) and CPR/BLS also in 2015, and again in 2017

In the Summer of 2016 I began studying Midwifery and working as a Midwife's assistant. assisting in a busy practice,attending homebirths.

In 2017 I trained as a StillBirthDay Doula.

My Philosophy
I believe birth is so normal , yet so very special.
Our bodies were created to do it- but we need help.
Every woman deserves a doula

Tel: 484-554-1869


Birth Doula

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